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Best Online Streaming Videos

We’re living in the most digitalized era ever and nothing gets better for gamers. In this era, watching peeps play live video games from anyplace in the world has become an astonishingly huge marvel in few years. One of the most known is Twitch a game-streaming juggernaut while YouTube has comprised gaming and live streaming in a massive way, and apparently everyday people have become lucrative Internet characters because they play video games and chat.

Are you the upcoming streaming sensation? Don’t gamble on it—but then yes, you can still get in on the social fun of online streaming, and you don’t even require a high-end gaming PC for that matter. It’s amazingly easy to live stream Android games right on your phone or tablet using apps like YouTube Gaming and Mobcrush or to use an Android emulator on your computer.

Live streaming is questionably the prime thing up-to-the-minute in the gaming world at present, so there’s no better time to get started. It’s a real deal for gamers who want to showcase their phenomenal skills and are newbies who can’t seem to figure out the big picture. There are plenty of sites that are offering instant free and HD quality streaming and a screen capture that let them share results with other people online in real time.


This online streaming app lets you watch live streaming video online and is designed especially for live online gaming videos. It is one of the best Online Streaming APK for android users.


The mirrative online streaming app is much broader than just making video game possible. This android version of the app is the best online APK feature on the list. Their iOS version is in the making. You can use this app for showing off your skills at mobile game apps.


Origin doesn’t offer it’s their own version of streaming service but it lets the users use their Twitch profile to use and broadcast their gaming session. You can start the real-time broadcast by pressing Shift+F1 and then clicking on the video camera icon to switch on the live video feed.