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How to Buy Best Kitchen Hobs

Are you looking for a top-class chimney for your kitchen? At the moment, the market is overloaded with so many options with various features that it seems difficult to pick one out of those. Here’s why we’ve picked out top most favorite kitchen chimney. Similarly, you can scratch the web for best kitchen hobs in India as a good hob and kitchen chimney complements each other like anything. Although, the market is filled with best induction cooktop that is compatible with those kitchen hobs and is perfect for your modern day kitchen.

In a modern-day kitchen, the chimney is a must-have and it goes without saying. These appliances are great as they provide a better working environment for the user and the people living in the house. And these additions are always a good idea to go with.

A top-rated chimney provides aeration for hot flue gasses or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outdoor atmosphere. Nowadays some progressive electrical chimneys come with features like smoke sensor, gas leakage sensor which is good for security features.

But what factors affect the selection of a good kitchen chimney? How do you choose the best chimney for your kitchen? Here’s why we’ve mentioned some points which you can reflect to associate the chimney models before buying. Likewise, you can also look for best kitchen hobs along with best induction cooktop as a complementary addition to the kitchen.

Pressure Power

Suction power is the power of chimney to absorb dirty or musty air from the kitchen and toss it out of your kitchen. It is represented in m3/hr, and higher values are always favored for better results.


The size of the chimney is an additional significant factor to bear in mind before making any purchase decision. It is the size of the range of the chimney which is above the gas stove in your kitchen area. It must be equal to the size of the gas stove or more.


If by any chance you’re looking a progressive model then it must have sensors for gas leakage, smoke or fire for protection tenacity.