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How to start your Own Web Hosting Company For Free

Web hosting is considered as a Multi-million dollar Industry. Today more than millions of domains registered per day and thousands of websites launched every minute. We hosting business is considered as more beneficial and lucrative businesses in the online world. Though there are a plenty of web hosts available out there and the competition is really high But using a proper strategy and adequate steps and dedication you can become more successful in hosting business. Starting a Web hosting business is most challenging tasks among the webmasters because it takes huge money, Infrastructure, Good and Fast Servers, aggressive marketing strategy and lots of manpower to provide excellent customer support. But Sometimes It is not possible for everyone to contribute this amount of money and resources to start a web hosting business.

In This article, I am trying to show you how you can start your own web hosting business from scratch and it’s completely free. You Don’t have to contribute huge money. All you have to simply promote your business that’s it. I am talking about Turnkey Reseller Hosting Business. Where you will get everything i.e your own ready-made storefront to sell your products and services. All services are fully brandable means your company logo will display. you don’t have to worry about all the billing related issues like sales, refunds etc. You don’t have to worry about customer support. You are allowed to set your own prices, etc. All is on the full automated system and runs on full autopilot. All you have to promote your storefront.

Now I am discussing two best and renowned turnkey reseller hosting providers Who will provide you, everything related to starting a hosting industry at Zero cost.

1. Resellercluster: – ResellerCluster is a FREE web hosting reseller program of a new generation, giving you the rare opportunity to become a branded web hosting provider of free reseller hosting and paid hosting services for FREE, without investing any money! Our free web hosting reseller program provides you with all the necessary tools to do that quickly, simply and absolutely for free. This spectacular hosting idea originates from the result of the powerful alliance between Zetta Hosting Solutions Ltd. & AttractSoft GMBH. Founded in 2002, Zetta Hosting Solutions Ltd. is a premier hosting destination for webmasters and developers on the Internet. The high quality, low-cost services, redundant server resources and customer care give our customers the opportunity for an unconstrained creativity in the design of fully functional and interactive websites. AttractSoft GMBH is a leading German Internet and software consulting company. The resources and experience on the web we possess empower this joint venture and gives our customers an unparalleled experience on the web. The ResellerCluster selected team has acquired professional experience and skills throughout the years spent in the parent companies. We at ResellerCluster are strongly dedicated to provide the best possible services and support in order to handle the requests of resellers and their clients in the utmost professional manner and thus ensure exceptional business performance.

2. Reseller panel: – ResellersPanel is a unique, fully-automated reseller hosting program, developed entirely by LiquidNet Ltd. – a prosperous UK-based hosting company, which strives to further expand the scope of its activities in the web hosting services sphere. LiquidNet Ltd. was established in February 2003 in London, UK. The ResellersPanel program itself started on April 2, 2003. So far, more than 58 000 resellers have placed their trust in us.

These two are the best turnkey reseller provider which will allow for sale diversify the range of products and services under your own brand. So, if you are enthusiastic about starting a Reseller hosting, then These two are the best option for you.